The 2023 Joint MAS-ASPB and UMD Plant Symposium is an annual event that is co-organized by ASPB Mid-Atlantic Section and UMD. This 23rd annual meeting will be held at the University of Maryland, College Park on May 24-25, 2023 . The meeting has a tradition to showcase major plant research advances in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond by supporting the participation of underrepresented minorities and junior scientists. This year will feature Keynote Speakers Alice Cheung (University of Massachusetts) and Henry Daniell (University of Pennsylvania). Besides the plenary sessions, two interesting workshops are planned, including ‘Career Development Workshop’ and ‘Grant Development Workshop’. We encourage the participation of young researchers (students, postdoctoral research associates and early career investigators). The organizing committee will select oral presentations from the submitted abstracts.

Presentations from the Grant Workshop at The 2023 Joint MAS-ASPB and UMD Plant Symposium

Organization committee list:

Yiping Qi (Associate Professor at UMD/PSLA), Organizing Chair

Jose Feijo (Professor at UMD/CBMG), Organizing Co-Chair

Shunyuan Xiao (Professor at UMD/IBBR)

Edward Eisenstein (Associate Professor at UMD/IBBR)

Angus Murphy (Professor at UMD/PSLA)

Nidhi Rawat (Associate Professor at UMD/PSLA)

Vijay Tiwari (Assistant Professor at UMD/PSLA)

Fereshteh Shahoveisi (Assistant Professor at UMD/PSLA)

Wendy Peer (Associate Professor at UMD/ENST)

Hua Lu (Professor at UMBC)

Hong Ma (Professor at Penn State)

Juan Dong (Professor at Rutger)

Song Li (Associate Professor at Virginia Tech)

Seyedali Hosseinirad (Postdoc at UMD/PSLA)

Gautam Saripalli (Postdoc at UMD/PSLA)

Gen Li (Postdoc at UMD/PSLA)

Leonie Steinhorst (Assistant Research Scientist)

Christina Ippoliti (Graduate Student at UMD/CBMG)

Joseph Lagner (Graduate student at UMD/PSLA)

Michael Patterson (Executive Administrative Assistant at UMD/PSLA)

Shoshana Kronfeld (ASPB)