Speakers for 2021 Meeting

Keynote Speakers     

  • Doris Wagner (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Yiping Qi (University of Maryland College Park)


Invited Speakers      

  • Bastiaan Bargmann (Virginia Tech)
  • Emily Bruns (University of Maryland College Park)
  • Samantha Elliott (St Mary’s College of Maryland)
  • Macarena Farcuh (University of Maryland College Park)
  • Jean Greenberg (The University of Chicago)
  • Fay-Wei Li (Boyce Thompson Institute)
  • Song Li (Virginia Tech)
  • Guillaume Pilot (Virginia Tech)
  • Mark Zander (Rutgers University)
  • Tong Zhu (Syngenta)
  • Michael Mishkind (National Science Foundation)


Career Development Panels

  •  Panel I: What is It Like to Teach in Colleges of Varying Research Intensity?
    • Panelists:
      • Samantha Elliott (St Mary’s College of Maryland)
      • Joanna Werner-Fraczek (Moreno Valley College)
      • Edgar Moctezuma (University of Maryland)
  • Panel II: Career in Biotech Industry – Perspectives from Experts of Biotech Companies
    • Panelists:
      • Tong Zhu (Syngenta)
      • Aaron Hummel (Pairwise)
      • Mike Nuccio (Inari Agriculture)